Why autonomous work machines and vehicles are deaf? Can you imagine intelligent robots and machines co-operating efficiently with human beings, without audio sensing capabilities?

As a solution for this challenge, we offer a MAX (Meluta Advanced eXecution) platform that consists of reference sensor setup and hardware and a software platform with a comprehensive algorithm library to tackle the issues identified.

What should and could be heard?

  •     Detection of important sound sources and putting them on a navigation map
  •     Improve the soundscape of the working machine for the (remote) operator
  •     Detection of obstacles in the close vicinity of the work machine

Meluta's vision for the future

We have worked with audio and vibroacoustic for over 20 years. During this time, our vision for more capable and human-friendly machines has been brewing. Now we would like to share it with you!

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Comprehensive and modular sensory system

Audio, vibroacoustic sensor system

MAX™ is the only system in the market that brings intelligent sound sensing and detection for remote-operated or fully autonomous work machines and vehicles.

Software platform and algorithm library

The software architecture is designed to support the customer's needs and processing systems. The main features of the architecture are:

  • Sensor HW-layer abstraction
  • Modular processing and algorithm kernel (AI/ML)
  • Connectivity for:
    • Database
    • UIs
    • Cloud services
    • Customer's machine control system
    • Data applications for different customer scenarios