technology development services

Using machine-learning algorithms, we measure, record, and analyze the sound and vibration signal. We get to know the target system, form a hypothesis, if necessary, make field measurements. The end product of our assignment can be just software that is fully integrated into the customer’s system for new functionality or a new physical product with software, sensor technology, and user interface.

Customer benefits

  • The customer receives more information about the state of the process or machine through sound and vibration, which improves productivity and safety
  • Prediction of production machine breakdown
  • Minimizing production downtime

Design services

Software design:

  • Linux, Windows, Embedded, Cloud
  • C / C ++, Python, Assembly
  • DevOps: GitLab, Docker

Signal processing:

  • MATLAB, Python
  • ML/AI, Neural networks, Classifiers (PCA, ICA, SOM, HMM, SVM...)
  • Custom filtering and algorithms