What if machines could hear?

Meluta-MAXtm is an intelligent signal processing platform. MAX can be used with autonomous vehicles and work machines to enhance situational awareness and sense sound-emitting objects. A microphone or a vibroacoustic sensor effective way to sense for example emergency vehicles, humans, other machines, construction sites, external soundscape, or road conditions.

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Why are modern robots deaf?

How can we enjoy the fruits of modern tools and development, if our AI/robot helpers are isolated from us? Should an autonomous vehicle hear a stressed human yelling STOP? What should AI, robots or autonomous vehicles hear? Well, at least all the emergency signals, such as emergency vehicles, trucks reverse signals, fire alarms, explosions, and gunshots. They are all relatively straightforward to accomplish with pretty good reliability.

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Professionals for signal processing and software development

We have experience in several successful signal processing and software development projects. We can take care of the whole project or our experts can flexibly join your team.

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Signal processing, software development, and sensor technologies are Meluta’s core competencies. We specialize in acoustic and vibroacoustic sensory systems.

Our daily business is to design, plan, and implement signal processing software, and algorithms for commercially available systems.